A New Climate for Environmental Activists 
A serie of portraits for Wellesley College Magazine - Green Issue
AD David Horton

Science will persevere, and scientists will persist, if anything, with more resolve.'
Elizabeth Burakowski 

‘The body is enclosed in a tomb, completely isolated from the earth. Our practices for handling the dead are negatively affecting the living.’
Jae Rhim Lee 

‘Farming is not a closed system. We can so quickly see the effects of our work on the land and the environment—the birds, coyotes, deer, all the insects, trees, and systems are impacted by our farming choices.’
Liza Bemis 
‘Art can help us envision a future where we all have access to clean energy, food and water, safe homes, and inclusive communities.’ 

Hoi-Fei Mok
‘It is the poor and communities of color around the world that are potentially the most adversely affected by climate change.’

Liz Ogbu
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